App Tour

Jet Black Training APP tour 

If this is your first time using the Jet Black Training App, follow these steps for an easy start.

From the Home page select and tap on your chosen session.


Select and download the session you want. Note: depending on your connection, there may be 3 to 4 minutes download time. Lite and Premium app differ in the sessions available.

While waiting, go to the Settings tab

Aftermarket accessories are available for ANT+ to suit smart phones. Heart rate and cadence accessories are also available separately.

In Settings, enter your rider, trainer and sensor details

Select Hardware, and then Sensors and tap to activate.                                                     



You will need to begin pedalling to enable the sensors to locate the devices.

Go back to Session page and select the required session.

From the session screen you can go back to settings and configure your dash board.

You can also configure the screen to the order you most use. Tap the Edit button, then slide the icon on the right to the position you require.

By returning to the session screen, you can choose between three different session screen formats.

When your session is finished, hit the eject button and either save or discard session.



If you choose Save you can access your data at a later date to review, upload to Strava or Training Peaks or share via Facebook or Twitter.

Ride History

Which Features Will I Have if I Don’t Have BLE or ANT+ ?

Although it is desirable to have an ANT+ device to help monitor your progress, this app is still a powerful stand-alone training tool.

You get the same coaching sessions, zone test (heart rate taken manually) zone calculator, recovery test and all fitness recording along with the in app guidance. 

As you can see below, we have configured a screen for non BLE or ANT+ users. 


In the recovery test you will need to manually take heart rates when prompted.


Recovery Test

In each session you will be asked if you want to undertake a recovery test. This happens straight after your last interval.

Zone Calculator and Testing

If you wish to train smart, JetBlack advise you to undergo the Zone Test. You can download in the same way as a normal session.                              

Once completed, enter your results, (average watts and hear rate) into our Zone Calculator.

If you are using BLE or ANT+ devices this will automatically upload. It is important to save this test so future training is logged in your history.

From here you will see your correct training zones.                                         

To update your records, add training indicators manually and view normally or on your dash board.

Free Ride session (no set program) and Read and RIDE sessions