Pro Lock-On

Pro Lock Grips
Riders across the board of styles and abilities love the Pro grip. Its thin design doesn’t compromise on comfort, allowing riders to experience continued control during those long hours in the saddle. Anyone out on the track is assured a superior slip-free performance whether they’re racing with the pros or battling it out as a weekend warrior.

• Slim profile for direct trail feedback and control
• Comfortable shape for all-day everyday adventures
• Great shock absorption properties to reduce hand fatigue
• Water Proof Stays dry in all riding conditions
• Dual lock-on grip system to eliminate grip rotation
• Low twist/torque for technical trail control
• “Click-Fit Cap System” Delivers simple, secure, light and safe end caps

Traction: High Tack

Conditions: Dry All Weather


JB Pro Lock On Grips Blue With Black Rings

JB Logo End Caps Black For Lock On Rings

JB Pro Lock On Grips Black With Black Rings

TOKEN TF24 Ninja BB Kit, boxed BB86/BB30/PF30, Shimano Black, include install tool

TOKEN TF37 386 Ninja BB Frame:PF30, Crank: BB386 Black

FIX Manufacturing All Out Belt Black, One Size