Light & Motion Vis 360 Pro Helmet System (600 Lumens)

Code LM856-0655-A
Description Light & Motion Vis 360 Pro
Helmet System (600 Lumens)

VIS 360 PRO 


Taking the ultimate helmet lighting system – the Vis 360 – to the next level, the Vis Pro features an ultra-powerful 600-lumen headlight optimized for commuting and bright enough for twisty singletrack! The featherweight system is waterproof for all-conditions reliability and has an integrated rear light/battery pack that balances the unit on a variety of helmets. An essential setup for those requiring maximum protective visibility with powerful illumination.

• 600 Lumen Output Certified to the FL-1 Standard
• Daylight Visible Pulse Mode
• Integrated Battery Pack With Red Rear Lighting
• Innovative Amber Sidelights Provides Critical Side Visibility at Intersections
• Ultra-lightweight Setup With Easy Clip On/Off Design
• Waterproof to 1 meter For All-Conditions Reliability
• Accurate Battery Charge & Status Indicator
• MicroUSB Rechargeable

• Helmet Mounts & Micro USB Charging Cable

WTB - Byway 650C x 47 Road + TCS Tyre (Tan Skinwall)

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TOKEN TF24 Ninja BB Kit, boxed BB86/BB30/PF30, Shimano Black, include install tool